Why do you want to study English?

When i was in grade 6, my learning English journey began. English was one of compulsory subjects since secondary school. As most subjects, after class, I took extra course in the English centre. Taking the entrance test, getting a class, taking the final exam, passing it and moving to the next level were likely continuous steps of a circle process. It seems like that there was always something would happened, for example summer vacation, marathon preparation for exam season at school…, then, broke my learning-english-circle. After each interruptions, I came back to English class. Despite the fact that I had been reading my medical book in english at home, making english as default language on my laptop, mobile phone and even learning english through television and music, I still started at the same level as before I left. It made the process became a vicious circle as the pathology circle I learnt in medicine school. It mean I felt so desperate, hopeless for my endless learning road.

 Why I do want to improve my english, especially why I choose Liu Luoi class is my another story. In 2013, my little brother suddenly decided to study high school in the land down under. This also meant that he lived far from home for the first time, my parents was anxious. 2 months later from the day he got to the plane, 6-year-older-sister was sent to New Zealand to look after him. 30 days, in total, in a real english-speaking-country, I got lost, missed the bus and packbacked around Nz by my own, but I suppose not to tell you that adventurous story. The fact I want to mention here is that there is no such things as impossible, I can survive in 30 days with lots of joys without advanced english. However it doesn’t mean I were deeply alive in 30 days. If I had been able to speak English more fluent, I would have done it a better way. I would have communicated more with the locals and my roommates. I would have been able to understand more about the stories told by packbackers from all over the world I had met on the trip road. I would have booked tours successful through telephone calls instead of emails. Looking back that past time on a learning-English-view, I call it a hit cause it gives me the realistic reasons why I definitely have to improve my E, cause it points out my weaknesses clearly more than anyone has done. They are also what I expect to improve after finishing Liu Luoi class.

 At the same time, my secondary motive is that I want to build my career at a higher level. After I sweated blood to have the permission to work as a resident at a qualified hospital in HCM city during the last semester of university, I am not allowed myself to miss any career development scholarships. If I have a chance, I must be prepared well.

 As a doctor, I have taught to be always on hard working mode. I am aware that studying medicine is a continuous process, as well as learning English. They are both not overnight successes. I have to build a deliberate and ongoing planning process and I have to keep at it. Another explanation why I take part in Liu Luoi class is that I hope I can get inspired from the hard-working successful teacher.

 In conclusion, I want to feel like I took advantage of every opportunity in my life. I want to feel alive, I want to feel grateful. I do not want to leave any experience with regret. With english, it will help me to do that.

English vowel sound:


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