A Comment to Grit Ted Talk

This Ted talk pointed out a brand new approach to predict ability of success. This task is related to a new definition of Grit. It is defined as passion and perseverance for very long-term goals, especially most of them are impossible goals and eventually succeeds in that goal.

This preditor »Grit » was proved not only from many well-set psychological researches but also from world class performers. High achivement people share the same characteristic which is not found in their peers. They are tenacious, dogged or perservering as well. In addition, it is not just the hours of work that they are putting in, they are putting the hardest kind of work in. In other words, the top performers are more likely to challenge themself in a very uncomfortable place for some part of day, work extremely hard and then get up and do it all over again and again.

For me, this Ted talk gave me a belief. I did not start of as one of the gifted, actually I have a quite ordinary mind but it does not mean it is impossible for me to gain skills and reach the top of my career. In fact, I did prove it once and indeed I have experienced my own great Grit story recently. During my final term, I had a big test known as the entrance test to medical residency program. At that time, I have viewed myself as a ridiculous, sickening workaholic . While other people is sleeping, I am working. While they are eating, I am working. It can be denied that I had a very specific interest, focus and a lot of zeal and hard work in order to pass this exam. As a result, I achieve it.

In term of learning English, it is not an exception of Grit rule. Even if I were not a good student in school, English (and in fact anything) is possible. All I really need is motivation and a decent method for doing it. Learning English is a long-term process and surely it is not an overnight success. I can not have it, I can not get it until I do it. Anyway I am still on the way but with a decent direction, so I believe I will nail it.


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