My favourite book

Today i am going to tell you about the book

which has influenced me a lot.

It is Lean in

Was written by Sheryl Sandberg

the chief operating officer of Facebook

A couple of months ago

After 2 months sweated blood

to complete 2 big final exams

I totally exhausted 

And stressed out

Despite the fact that

I did prepare for the test well

I read almost the books

And finished all the test questions

I still was anxious about the results




təˈdeɪ ˈaɪ əm ˈɡəʊɪŋ tə tel ju əˈbaʊt `

That is why

one day

I unexpectedly decided to escape

back to nature

find peace

I got the last ticket

To da lat

At 10 pm

I chose to live in a nice detached house with spacious rooms

In the suburb.

In the morning

I cycled from here to the center 

On the way to my favorite coffee shop in DL

I came across

A nearby bookstore

I realized that

I have not been to a bookstore for ages

I have not read any books but medical textbooks

I came in

A face of a middle aged lady

On the cover

Catched my eyes

I flicked through the book

And easily got into it

I Found myself in that book

Through the author’s personal stories

Not only me

Not only women in VietNam

But also she

Western women have the same barriers

No matter where you are on earth

Many women start making

career decisions

based on family responsibilities

they do not yet have

turn down projects

don’t apply for promotions

make room for children

they don’t yet have

like me

I tend to choose a speciality

which I can have time to take care my future children

even I don’t have boyfriend yet.

Same as Sheryl

She did refuse a higher position once

Which demand her to move to another state

That hard to find husband.

Another thing she point out is

the fear of putting ourselves out there

Men will apply for jobs

if they think they meet

just 60 percent

the job requirements

while women

will apply only if

they think they meet all of them.

I did more than once

Experienced that problem.


Women tend to

underestimate their performance

while men tend to overestimate theirs.

And they attribute their success

to innate skills

women often point to external factors

like luck and help from others.

These are just 3 examples

In so many gender differences

That book shine a light on

These are the ways

women are held back


we hold ourselves back


It’s difficult

to change the way you feel

but you can change

the way you think and act


When you feel insecure

remind yourself that

you’ve earned your position

Then take a seat at the table

raise your hand

surprise yourself.

When you’re faced with a challenge

remember that

the man sitting next to you

likely thinks he can do it.

if he’s right


can do it too.


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